Tutorial XML and DOM in PDF


DOM, for Document Object Model, aims to provide a template for a semi-structured document, in other words, an XML document. In particular, it is necessary to define methods of access and modification operating on such a document.

DOM is defined by W3C recommendations, three levels have now been defined. Some parts of these recommendations are dedicated to the processing of XHTML documents; We focus here on the DOM kernel providing valid methods for any XML document.

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Table of contents

  • Historical Perspective
  • Pre-XML
  • XML
  • Simple Format
  • Attributes
  • Rules for well-formed XML
  • More Rules
  • Document Object Model(DOM)
  • Tree Structure
  • DOM Rules
  • Using JDom
  • Iterate over children
  • Input and output
  • Showing Structure Recursively
  • The Visitor Pattern
  • A DOM Visitor
  • Building an Attribute Inventory
  • The Inventory Visitor
  • Input and Output
  • Trimming the Tree
  • SAX
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Document Object Model Tutorial

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