Introduction to Struts


This tutorial is an example using struts tiles ,free training document courses under 14 pages bu sasha wolski.

Struts is a project of the Apache Software Foundation ( which aims to provide a standard Java web application development framework respecting the architecture known as MVC (Model - View - Controller). This paper illustrates the important concepts of Struts 2 with examples. References are given to deepen the themes.

Struts is an MVC framework used to develop web applications. It is therefore an application skeleton based on the controller model and view providing additional tools to help the developer to meet its applications.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • What is struts
  • Your first tiles application
  • Create a default page
  • Add the tiles functionality
  • Create the layout file
  • Create the tiles definitions
  • Create the jsp files
  • The action mapping
  • The action forward
  • Edit the action classes
  • Test your application
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01 Jul 2016
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01 Jul 2016
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Struts Framework ,Overview Installation and Setup

Free training material course for Framework Struts ,this pdf tutorial will shows you an overview of this famous Java Framework ,how to install and use it .


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This is a tutorial for the Struts framework. It consists of a small application which is developed step by step.A free pdf training material course on 67 pages by Stephan Wiesner.


Hamid 2016-07-02 06:21:32 Hello everyone ! I learn the use of the framework "Struts" in my classes but I must admit that I totally floundering: uh: Does anyone know of simple tutorials to learn the basics of Struts? (And especially accompanied by small examples understandable). I've done some research on google but all I've found is much too complicated. Thank you in advance