Introduction to PhoneGap


Download free  course tutorial training about PhoneGap ,this PDF document shows the basics of this platform in order to creat a web application designed to mobile devices.

PhoneGap, creating multiplatform mobile apps 

PhoneGap is an open source framework for creating cross-platform mobile apps with traditional web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Mobile applications created using web technologies are called hybrid applications (ie d. Combining web and native technologies).

PhoneGap provides a cross-platform JavaScript API to access device functions (eg. Camera, GPS, contacts book ...).

Table of contents

  • What is PhoneGap?
  • Why would you want to use PhoneGap?
  • Write once, run lots of places.
  • Lower barrier of entry
  • Reduced of required skills
  • What platforms support PhoneGap?
  • How do PhoneGap apps work?
  • Build app UI using HTML & CSS
  • Build app logic and interactivity with JavaScript
  • What OS features does PhoneGap expose?
  • Build and Distribution
  • Debugging
  • Open Source
  • Get started with PhoneGap


The frontend development of a PhoneGap application is very similar to a web app. We develop 'single page' applications with the help of JavaScript frameworks like jQuery Mobile, BACKBONE.JS, AngularJS, Bootstrap ...

One of the important issues is to create a credible user interface, ie d. perceived and recognized by users as of a mobile application. It will take both it integrates well with the operating system and be successful (think of the animations in particular).

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