SQL injection: attacks and defenses


Download free SQL Injection pdf tutorial on 24 pages by Dan Boneh ,learn how the QL Injection works and how preventing from it.

SQL injection is a well known attack method . It is a vector of attack extremely powerful when properly operated. It is to modify SQL queries by injecting unfiltered code pieces, usually through a form.

The name describes  itself: this fault appears when it is possible to inject SQL code in SQL statements that are made in a web page. It is currently the 'best' Web vulnerability report frequency / operating . The consequences of SQL injection may be multiple, bypass authentication forms ,full dump of the database via the arbitrary code execution. In this course, we will try to familiarize ourselves with simple injections (called as injections of the first order).

Table of contents

  • Common vulnerabilities
  • SQL Injection
  • XSS – Cross-site scripting
  • CSRF – Cross-site request forgery
  • General code injection attacks
  • Code injection using system()
  • Database queries with PHP
  • Basic picture: SQL Injection
  • CardSystems Attack
  • SQL Vulnerabilities
  • Main steps in this attack
  • Getting private info
  • Preventing SQL Injection
  • Parameterized/prepared SQL
  • PHP addslashes()
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05 Aug 2016
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