AutoCAD : Setting Up a Drawing


Download pdf tutorials about AutoCAD,this document is aimed at beginner looking to learn the basics of Setting Up an AutoCAD drawing.

AutoCAD 2D Tutorial

Table of contents

  • List Command
  • AutoCAD text window
  • Measuring Distances (choose,click,pick,..)
  • Calculating Areas
  • Quick Calc
  • AutoCAD 2D Tips
  • ID Command
  • UNITS Command
  • Drawing Limits
  • Plot Scales and Paper Sizes
  • Scalelistedit Command

Excerpt from course

  • Be sure to use Object Snaps with the MEASURE command.
  • To subtract an area, you must first be in 'add' mode to add the first area.
  • AutoCAD returns the X,Y, and Z coordinates as well as making this the last point entered in the drawing (to move relative from)
  • Be sure to use Object Snaps with the ID command.


  • Decide Border (Paper) Size
  • Set Drawing Limit
  • Determine Dim Scale
  • Hatch Scale
  • Ltscale
  • Text Height
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