Adobe Photoshop CS6 Help


This manual provides a complet tutorial about Adobe Photoshop CS6 .Download free course material and training document in PDF under 757 pages.

Essential Photoshop tutorials and learning resources for getting started and new features.

Table of contents

  • What's new in Photoshop CS6
  • New video features in CS6
  • Key shortcuts for new CS6 feature
  • Getting started with Photoshop CS6
  • Workspace basics
  • Panels and menus
  • Specifying columns for an image
  • Customizing keyboard shortcuts
  • Image and color basic
  • Creating, opening, and importing images
  • Convert an image to Bitmap mod
  • Color mode
  • Layers
  • Combining multiple images into a group portrait
  • Aligning laye
  • Applying a Smart Filter
  • Blending modes
  • Layer effects and styles
  • Selecting a color range in an image
  • Image adjustments
  • Adjust shadow and highlight detail
  • Targeting images for press
  • Repair and restoration
  • Warp images shapes and paths
  • Drawing and painting
  • Video and animation
  • Filters and effects
  • Saving and exporting
  • 3D and technical imaging
  • Color Management
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08 Apr 2016
Submitted On:
08 Apr 2016
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