Windows 7 Beginners guide


Download free Windows 7 for beginners ,a complet guide of new Features, material tutorial, PDF File by Charles Sturt University .

Table of contents

  • Where to Start
  • Why upgrade to Windows 7
  • Good Password Practices
  • Locking,Unloking your Workstation
  • The windows operating system
  • How to get the Windows version
  • Device manager
  • Introduction to the Desktop
  • Glossary of Icons
  • The Taskbar
  • Keep track of your windows
  • Minimize and restore windows
  • The notification area
  • Customize the taskbar
  • Move the taskbar
  • The START Button
  • Help and Support
  • Opening an Application
  • What is a Window?
  • Parts of typical window
  • Changing the size of a window
  • Hiding a window
  • Closing a window
  • Switching between windows
  • Aero Flip 3D
  • Arranging windows using Snap
  • Creating Shortcuts Using START menu
  • File Management
  • Use libraries to find files
  • Accessing Folders and Drives
  • Restoring Deleted Files
  • Changing your Default Printer
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17 Jun 2016
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17 Jun 2016
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Download File

Windows 7 New Features

Download free PDF tutorial about the new features and functions of Windows 7.Course material training on 7 pages for beginners.


Introduction to Windows 7

Download free Introduction to Microsoft Windows 7 ,Training course material ,a PDF file under 13 pages for beginners.


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