Computer Fundamentals course


With this course, you will learn how a computer works, it introduces you to assembly-level programming. You will be able to write a simple assembly language program.

At the end of the tutorial, you’ll be able to understand the different types of information which may be stored in a computer memory.

Table of contents

  • A Brief History of Computing
  • A Chronology of Early Computing
  • The Von Neumann Architecture
  • Further Progress…
  • The Silicon Age
  • Languages and Levels
  • Layered Virtual Machines
  • Digital Electronics in a Slide
  • A (Simple) Modern Computer
  • Registers and the Register File
  • Memory Hierarchy
  • Static RAM (SRAM)
  • SRAM Reality
  • Dynamic RAM (DRAM)
  • Operation of a Simple Computer
  • Input / Output
  • MIPS Assembly Language
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
  • Number Representation
  • Signed Numbers
  • Unsigned Arithmetic
  • Arithmetic and Logical Instructions
  • Conditional Execution
  • Loads and Stores
  • Accessing Memory
  • Addressing Modes
  • Representing Text
  • Floating Point
  • Data Structures
  • Bus Hierarchy
  • SPIM System Call Codes
  • Procedures
  • The Stack in Practice
  • Fibonacci… in assembly
  • Optional Assembly Ticks
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09 Oct 2017
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09 Oct 2017
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